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ILO Centenary Initiative

This year, the ILO celebrates its 100th anniversary. In the run up, the organization came up with seven cross-cutting, forward-looking initiatives. The Future of Work, one of the 7 initiatives, aims to cultivate a global dialogue on relevant issues, such as jobs and social justice. The ITCILO, the training arm of the ILO, provides support via training courses and online resources.

This platform builds capacity and knowledge in support of the ILO Centenary on the Future of Work.

See our selection of reports, tools, and websites related to the FoW.
Think of it as a one-stop-shop for exploring the future.


Training courses


Open education offers an alternative path to development and professionalization. Design and conceptualize MOOCs and related ideas in this interactive course.

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E-learning tools support the way the world learns today. In this course, participants learn about the latest developments in instructional design, e-moderation..

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Journalists and media professionals shape the narrative of the future of work today. Their words and stories enrich public consciousness and spark debate.

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Six Ways to Learn

MOOCS, the magic mass formula

Massive Open Online Courses are freely accessible and available for anyone to enroll. They have the potential to enable high-level education on an enormous scale.

Microlearning, a lesson a day

Microlearning is focused and fast. The ITCILO’s first microlearning course unbundles the structure of traditional training courses to allow for learning anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Virtual reality, glimpses of the future

The ITCILO is creating new learning experiences in 3D. For example, participants in the Maritime Labour Academy can now inspect a ship without ever leaving the classroom.

Gamification, play to engage

People play games to learn, socialize, compete, and achieve. At the Turin Centre, we’ve created games that change peoples’ minds and behaviors.

Foresight, imagination rules

Foresight helps organizations manage change. The ITCILO offers an online toolkit to support workers who like to plan ahead.

Storytelling, cross-media accounts

Everyone loves a good story. Learn how the ITCILO is advancing the communication for development agenda through cross-media storytelling.


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