This year, the ILO celebrates its 100th anniversary.

In the run up, the organization came up with seven cross-cutting, forward-looking initiatives. The Future of Work, one of the seven, aims to cultivate a global dialogue on relevant issues, such as jobs and social justice. The ITCILO, the training arm of the ILO, provides support via training courses and online resources.

Where we come from
When the ILO launched the Future of Work initiative in 2018, it began a deep-dive into the opportunities and challenges of the future. The ILO’s dedicated website showcases its original research paper series, issue briefs, and trend reports. It’s useful for researchers and policy makers.

The Turin Centre’s mission is to reach out to the general public through training courses, both online and in classrooms around the world.

We hope to ignite conversation, improve training, and provide support related to the Future of Work. This virtual space is the entry point for projects, ideas, and reflections.
We hope it’s useful to workers worldwide.

Our focus areas

Dialogue events

Sparking global conversations about the Future of Work

Training courses

Organized in Turin, in the field, or online

Knowledge Management

A single-stop for all resources used in courses and events

Innovation Fund

The monetary support mechanism for experimental learning and training

Young people innovating together.
Join our Future of Work Summer School!

Future of Work

Thinking in the future tense

Talking about big ideas

Join us for a dialogue event if you’re itching to ask questions, get answers, and maybe even supply some of your own ideas about the Future of Work.

Work and society workshop

In September 2017, the Turin Centre welcomed 30 global experts to a symposium on work and society.

A diverse group of voices converged to answer some pressing questions:

  • How is the changing nature of work reshaping society?
  • How is the meaning of work evolving?
  • And how do we shape the new social model to ensure decent work for all?

Learning, Turin Centre-style

  • Open online education: Move beyond the borders of traditional educational institutions and experiment with new ways of working and learning. Learn how to design and implement MOOCs in this interactive course. READ MORE
  • Lifelong e-learning: E-learning tools support the way the world learns today. Join this course to learn about the latest developments in instructional design, e-moderation, and online assessment. READ MORE
  • Reporting on the future of work: Journalists and media professionals shape the narrative of the Future of Work today. In September 2017, the Turin Centre welcomed reporters from more than 15 Asia Pacific countries to a media workshop, beginning in Turin, Italy and concluding in Bangkok, Thailand. READ MORE

Sharing new insights

Check out the Knowledge Management area, which integrates all the resources we use in dialogues, training courses, and related capacity-building activities.

Access key insights from organizations at the forefront of the Future of Work.