Automation, Women, and the Future of Work

  • Laura Monti
  • Digital dividends, Future scenarios, Policies
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In a newly published briefing paper, Becky Faith of the Institute of Development Studies explores how automation will change the world of work for women. The conversations about automation and the future of work often overlook gender, even though there are significant differences between men and women in employment rates, types of professions, barriers to employment and social mobility, especially in developing countries. This briefing paper aims to answer the question: Will women benefit from the rapid automation and digitisation that is set to change the world of work as we know it? It also explores the impact of automation on women and work in developing countries, considering global targets on valuing unpaid care, rights to economic resources, and access and use of information and communication technologies.

Click here to download the publication. 


Becky Faith @Becky_Faith is a Research Officer and Deputy Leader of the Digital and Technology cluster at IDS. Becky’s professional experience and research interests encompass mobile communication studies, human computer interaction and technology for social change.