Exploring Future Workforce Resilience @ #DigiDevSummit 2017

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Listen in. This is going to be good. If you been following the Tech@Work Portal or just curious and new to the Technology@Work Initiative, you will like this.

We explore the next frontier of work in the new digital economy, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This incoming technological wave is driven by the introduction of new frontier technologies and cyber-physical systems will disrupt how we work, how businesses create and sustain jobs, and how governments enable and support decent work.

How do we ensure no one is left behind in a rapidly digitalizing world? How we can harness new technologies to ensure decent work for all and a fairer world in the future? These questions are central to the Technology@Work Initiative at the UN’s International Training Centre of the ILO.

These are untamed “wicked” large-scale, macroeconomic, and structural questions that governments, the private sector, non-state actors, and you and I must ask and start to prepare for.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution’s  impact on the world of work demands “anticipatory and adaptive measures to cope with the impact of digital shocks and stresses,” says UK’s Institute for Development Studies.

Figure 1: Exploring Workforce Resilience / Institute of Development Studies

How might automation change the nature of work and the employment prospects of call centre agents in the Philippines, domestic workers in South Africa, and truck drivers in the United States? How might it impact you and your work?

To better prepare tomorrow’s workforce, we need to anticipate the impacts of digital shocks and stresses, such as technological unemployment and soaring inequality. Scenarios and policies design to create a more resilient workforce are needed. This can be done by exploring and forecasting different future(s) of work in context. Based on these scenarios, we can start to understand how we can bounce back from shocks by adapting and mitigating their negative impacts.


Digital Development Summit 2017: The Future of Work

To explore the future of work in a rapidly digitalizing world, the Institute of Development Studies in collaboration with the World Wide Web Foundation and the innovation foundation, Nesta is hosting their inaugural Digital Development Summit on March 13th, 2017 in London, UK. The Summit explores the new frontiers of digital development and how we can ensure the future of work is inclusive, sustainable and leaves no one behind. To learn more about the summit click on the below conference readings:

You can follow the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #DigiDevSummit

You can also streamed it on YouTube:


Watch the opening session and keynote address (9:00 to 10:45 GMT)


Watch the final session (15:45 to 16:45 GMT)


Further Resources: