The Future of Innovation and Employment

  • Laura Monti
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The Citi-Gps report in collaboration with Oxford University and Oxford Martin launched an insightful report on Technology at Work which incorporates a series of ideas that are at the heart of this blog. The report looks in-depth at the changing nature of innovation and work and addresses important themes (cf. inequality) that are brought on by technological change. The report also inspired us to set up some mind-shifting sessions on these technological changes of the 21th Century (automation, robotization, the internet of things, big data and digitization of industries). We hope that by discussing these important topics we gradually explore jointly the consequences on the world of work in the 21th Century. What are the risks and the opportunities? How can we further adapt to technological change and mitigate the negative consequences? How does this entire picture supports our larger strategy and our long-term thinking? You can download the publication here.