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Learn the Top 10 Remarkable Frontier #Tech4Dev

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Frontier technologies have the potential to rapidly address large-scale challenges and transform our global economy and digital business models. Under UK’s Frontier Technologies Livestreaming Initiative, the Institute of Development Studies led by Ben Ramalingam reviewed and handpicked the top frontier technologies for international development in five different domains.

The ten frontier technologies for international development were selected based on their potential to contribute to positive change in development and humanitarian contexts, including how they may “[change] demand for labour and capital, leading to direct job creation and transformation of the workforce”. The report also outlines the pros and cons of these emerging technologies, but stressed that the distribution of their digital dividends will depend on the choices we make today and tomorrow. The inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee explains:


“The report’s authors are very clear that the potential and limitations of these technologies are fundamentally dependent on choices that we make, today and in the future – choices about keeping platforms open and interoperable, choices about hardwiring users’ rights and freedoms into our technologies, and choices about systematic efforts to overcome the new patterns of exclusion that new technologies inevitably create. Without due care and attention, these new technologies will become uneven playing fields, with a select few winners and many more losers.”


Scroll down to view our Infographic, summarizing the top ten frontier technologies for international development. Also, read our earlier blog post on the Top 6 Disruptive Technologies You Should Know.” 



You can also download our Infographic summarizing the top ten frontier technologies for international development by clicking on the below icon:

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