Upcoming ITC-ILO Tech@Work MOOC: Exploring the New Frontiers of Disruptive Technology & the Future of Work

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Disruptive technology is all around us.

If you have a smartphone or entered a search in a Google search engine, you have used a disruptive technology. Disruptive technology (or innovation) is any emerging technology that unexpectedly displaces an established one, create new markets or change systems that have a significant societal impact.

The societal impact of disruptive technologies is expected to be profound.

From 3D printers, the Internet Of Things, and to machine learning, new and emerging technologies are expected to profoundly change how we work — and the types of jobs —  in the coming years. Harnessing the potential of these disruptive technologies will be crucial to meeting the ambitious targets set forth in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

We are already beginning to see the impact of new technologies on the world of work. An Oxford University report suggests technological change is contributing to labour market polarization and increasing income and wealth inequality within and across nations.Labour shares of national income are falling. At the same time, the Internet is making workers more productive but the benefits are largest for the higher-skilled, thus concentrating wealth and reducing the quality of work. Global leaders and experts, from organizations such as the World Bank, UNDP and WEF, are worried that new technology will put jobs at risk, transform our work and our workplaces, and significantly alter our global economy going forward.

The Technology@Work course is a unique offering to the MOOC environment and the global conversation on the Future of Work.

On the June 1st, the ITC-ILO will launch its Technology@Work Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). The course will bring together cutting-edge research and world-class policymakers, top technologists, investors, academics, and UN staff to engage and start a global dialogue on the new frontiers of technology and work.

The societal impacts stemming from disruptive innovation will not only transform our global economy, it will also significantly change work and workplaces going forward. The course will explore key elements of disruptive technology and work in the 21st Century and start a much-needed conversation on asking critical questions that will help us pursue a sustainable future that ensures decent work for all.

Stay tuned.

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