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This knowledge management section gives you access to the resources that we actively use in our dialogues, training and capacity building events.

Future of Life Institute

The Future of Life Institute, based in Boston, is a volunteer-run research and outreach organization that works to mitigate risks from advanced artificial intelligence and biotechnology.

Twitter Handle: @FLIxrisk


Futurism is a digital media platform that covers scientific breakthroughs and technological innovations that will shape the future, including transportation and energy.

Twitter Handle: @futurism

Groupe Spécial Mobile Association

The Groupe Spécial Mobile Association is a trade body that represents the interests of mobile network operators worldwide, and aims to define the future of mobile technology, digital commerce, and public policy.

Twitter Handle: @GSMAm4d

Digital and Technology Cluster

The Institute of Development Studies, based in Sussex, is an institution for development research. The Digital and Technology Cluster advances knowledge, shapes policy, and inspires practice on digital development.

Twitter Handle: @IDS_UK

International Federation of Robotics

The International Federation of Robotics is a professional non-profit organization established to promote and strengthen the robotics industry worldwide.

Twitter Handle: @IFR_Robots

International Labour Organization

The International Labour Organization is a United Nations agency whose mandate is to advance social justice and promote decent work.

View their Future of Work webpage. 

View their blog.

Twitter Handle: @ilo

International Telecommunication Union

The International Telecommunication Union is a United Nations agency that is responsible for issues concerning information and communication technologies.

Twitter Handle: @ITU

International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization

The International Training Centre is the training arm of the International Labour Organization. It runs training and capacity-building services for governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations, and other development partners.

View their blog. 

Twitter Handle: @ITCILO

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Technology Review is an editorially-independent magazine owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It covers the impact of technology on society.

Twitter Handle: MIT Technology Review

Oxfam’s From Poverty to Power

From Poverty to Power is a blog written and maintained by Duncan Green, strategic advisor for Oxfam Great Britain. Green writes about technology and sustainable development.

Twitter Handle: @fp2p

Oxford Internet Institute

The University of Oxford, based in Oxford, is a collegiate research university. The Oxford Internet Institute is dedicated to the study of information, communication, and technology.

Twitter Handle: @oiioxford


I&T Weekly is a newsletter published by the United Nations University – Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT). It focuses on the everyday applications of technological innovations.

Twitter Handle: @UNUMERIT

World Bank

The World Bank is an international financial institution that provides loans to countries for capital projects. Its focus on jobs and development is relevant to the future of work and related topics.

Twitter Handle: @wbg_jobs

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum is a Swiss non-profit organization that aims to improve the state of the world by engaging business, political, academic, and other social leaders to shape global and regional agendas.

Twitter Handle: @wef

World Wide Web Foundation

The World Wide Web Foundation is an international non-profit organization that advocates for a free and open internet for everyone.

Twitter Handle: @webfoundation