Reporting on the future of work:
From Turin to Bangkok


Journalists and media professionals shape the narrative of the future of work today. Their words and stories enrich public consciousness and spark debate.

That’s why, in September 2017, the Turin Centre welcomed reporters from more than 15 Asia Pacific countries to a media workshop, beginning in Turin, Italy and concluding in Bangkok, Thailand. The goal of the workshop was to support reporters in their efforts to tell stories about the future of work.

Participants worked together to unpack the social impact of current transformations and foreseen trends.


One of the key questions that came up during the workshop was:

How can we accurately portray the relationships between the intersectional issues—such as inequality, culture, and history—affecting the future of work?

For example, the parents of young and successful video bloggers in Indonesia are often ashamed of their children’s work. Participants discussed how new forms of work may challenge cultural values in the future, as well as how to report on these types of sensitive issues.

Journalists infuse a sense of humanity into complex realities, helping readers and viewers make sense of a shifting work landscape. This workshop not only advanced the ILO’s initiative on the future of work, but also helped media professionals from the Asia Pacific improve their reporting skills and ability to adapt to change.