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Watch Live: Join the G7 on the Future of Jobs and Technology in Montréal

How to prepare for the jobs of the future amidst of rapid technological change is at the heart of the conversation in Montréal as Canada convenes the G7 ministers of labour and innovation from France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union. The G7 or the Group of 7 is a consensus-based international summit that brings together the leaders of the seven largest advanced economies to find solutions through concerted efforts to address the toughest global challenges.

Unique to this year’s G7 meeting, you can watch online the opening ceremony of “Preparing for Jobs of the Future” on the 27th March at 8:45 AM (Eastern Time – Montréal). To learn more about this G7 conversation go to Canada’s G7 Public Engagement Paper – Preparing for the Jobs of the Future.

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Linked to the ministerial meeting in Montréal, the #Shape7 youth consultations, organized by WEF’s Global Shapers Hubs, are taking place across the G7 on the topic to better include the voices of young people (age 30 and below). These youth consultations try to ignite discussions on the #FutureofWork by examining the changing notion of careers, the workplace of the future, future of education, skills, and policies, and how to foster change through a multistakeholder approach.

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Featured image: Canada’s G7 Presidency

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